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Project: EOTH

Slow and steady steps, #Future



[edited version]

Slow and steady steps, #Future

Been away from blogging for a while, as I've been constantly experimenting with different engines and solutions (for my non-coder side, that being said learning LUA seems a good way to "get back" into coding, with my first choice), to be able to create a small test game for EOTH. From the plethora of choices I saw and installed (for multi-platform support), I managed to nail it down to two main contestants: one with 2D (Solarus) and one with 3D (Buildbox) support. Obviously, I'm leaning towards the 3D version, as it's much easier to implement when it comes to the art assets, but certain features (it's basically a ready to go RPG) of the other one makes it a really tough choice (or much easier, if I look at their price tag). So for now, instead of worrying all too much, I went on and done some initial tests of making a small Dungeon Crawler (possible test game), where the player starts out at a cave entrance and slowly makes their way into the depths of a mountain; fighting monsters, discovering loots and secrets, etc.; would be the gist of it.

The initial realistic texture test in Blender

Realistic texture test in Blender (sort of PBR, no geometry added)

Initial sprite test for Solarus

It took me some time, but I landed on a design, which I thought would be a nice fit for this small game-of-a-test: a simple warrior, with a basic combat gear to get started with! [To fit the wandering warrior theme.]


After the initial blockout, I've started to refine those shapes, right by starting with the head (which is where I'm at the moment). It's nothing fancy, but I'm trying my best to create something that is pleasing to the eye (sort of); whilst having a ton of fun of course! :) Big shout-out for Blender on this one.


Next thing will be the helmet, which will have some interesting ornaments on it. And luckily it will be something that is non-organic in shapeway easier on my basic skillsas I feel much more comfortable doing some hard-surface stuff (like when I modeled the Detector from Aliens. Love those kind of curves!).



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