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Project: Fraud Simulator

Still alive, still deving



Hi All,

It's been awhile, but progress has been moving forward. My navigation screen is complete:


I wanted to try and do something different than just make every square a different object like I did with the hexes. For this screen, it's all just one big object, and when you click on a square, it will highlight it, and then output the grid coordinates as a string:


Part of what you are going to do with this screen is to explore the planet. The planet can be different sizes and will automatically adjust size and get the grids working:



Pretty cool. We can also send drones out to the squares...Right now that doesn't do anything, but I have it hooked up to a database that I can start to fill that it can retrieve, whether its resources, tech, or plot devices.

If you attempt to send drones when you have none built, you get an error message. But once you have drones built, you can send out as many as you want.


This can easily be expanded to add different terrains or searches for resources.


As for the build screen, we've updated it a little bit:


I've shoved the building buttons under "Build", and there's a check to see which buildings are unlocked, which then immediately adds it to the list of options. We have a stats Display for each of the buildings that listens in on a building and displays their time to produce resources, and also their next maintenance cycle which will drain resources. This all needs balancing and the amounts I have right now are just for testing, but it works. The number at the bottom is the amount of drones available to send off, I'll be moving that somewhere else. And the explore button takes us to the nav map. You can also shut down buildings with the "online" button, and the little green light turns off on each of the buildings. They also automatically shut off when you are out of resources.

So that's where we are at, I'm almost done with the research screen and data model, which is pretty simple, and then from there we can start doing the military side. I want enemies coming from all directions, so that there is an actual downside to building too many buildings...your turrets can't cover all your sides and they will be expensive.

I'm also to the point where I need to start polishing art assets and sound, and I doubt I will be able to do that myself. I've tried. So I will likely start hiring someone to produce those for me, so stay tuned. My goal is to have a great main menu and character portraits for the characters. I want the beginning to be heavily scripted and then slowly let the player go as they unlock the explore and research options.


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