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Reworking Land Generation to include Landform types

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So , I have spent some time on the land generation before, turning it from something smooth to something more organic, and then adding another layer with a tilemap for other landtypes such as trees and mountains. The problem is as it stands right now is that the world is fairly predictable and obvious. There is only one landform ; forest.

Though there are other tiles, sand, water, dirt, snow,…. there is no absolute “oh yeah, I am in a desert now” or “damn, its snowy here” .

First, I will need to create a scriptable object: Landform ; which will include the amounts of land tiles to be visible and the likelihood that landform will occur. This will be the easy part.

The hard part, is trying to figure out how the landforms will fit together without looking like a damn puzzle. I guess I will cross that road later, for now, lets get the system working.

I am wondering if the Landform object should include the perlin noise info as well, to really make it different from one another. Jake suggested having the landform tile ratios be variable, so water,sand,dirt,grass, and snow would have a x to y % instead of a flat percent. This would yield differences between the same landforms, which is great. If we placed the perlin info into the object and gave it the same variable range, we would end up with some varying landforms among the same type. But I think we will go without this for now. Or maybe not. I forgot about the smoothing that was occurring before, and this could be useful for deciding larger chunks of the map.

Now i am lost in thought trying to figure out how to do this.

The apex of this riddle is: how do we decide which landforms to use, and how do we blend them as to not end up with rough edges?

Be back with a solution

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