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Some musings on Cyberpunk 2077!

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A game I am really looking forward to is Cyberpunk 2077. I loved Witcher 3 and I am so excited that the company behind it is making a game with all the cool cyborg tech my heart loves. I actually really wanted to go into designing prosthetic at one point in my life. It was unfortunately not a practical career choice for me. It is a very expensive and difficult field to get into and the pay is not anywhere near equivalent. There are also very few positions available and my country doesn’t do much of the design/ development unfortunately. It’s probably because we have quite strict laws regarding human experimentation.

I was so into Fullmetal Alchemist as a teenager because I wanted to be Winry. It didn’t end up happening at least not exactly. I did do some work in controls for awhile but that’s about as close as I got. Unlike Winry my specialty is coding. The older I get the farther I get from prosthetic research moving towards pure code that interacts more with humans than the physical world. Prosthetic though are what got me into Programming originally. If your interested in the full story you can check out it out at https://gildedoctopusstudios.com/how-i-got-into-programming/

Cyberpunk 2077 appeals to that teenager in me who thought she could do fantastic things with tech, melding it with humanity to greatly improve peoples lives. There were valid reasons why my nickname was “the mad scientist” in high school. Funnily enough I always thought my friends were way geekier than me in high school despite all my competitive robotics. I was all like “I’m not a geek,” while being crazy competitive in science fairs and planning to go to the best engineering college I could afford. Needless to say I stood out quite a bit

I was a little disappointed in Cyberpunk though mainly because I was really hoping it would come out this year. The game play videos and all the promotional stuff just looks fantastic though so hopefully the long wait will have been worth it.

If you have enjoyed this you can click below to find out more about Cyberpunk 2077 they are affiliate links so if you click on them at no cost to you Amazon will pay me a small percentage. It is a great way to support my blog.


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