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Project: Doomish

Doomish - About Halfway Done



So I'm just over halfway done with the task list. All the items work, the weapon collection, the only power up is the gamedev.net thing that slows time down.


That doom style shooting, where it doesn't matter what the height of the target is since the player cannot tilt up or down was a bit tougher to get done in UE4 than using regular shooting design patterns.

For the items and mobs, I didn't use regular billboards, so that I can tilt the view port and not worry about the mobs and items tilting with it.


More can be seen in this video.

Once all the functionality is done, I'm going to go in and make some levels. I'm thinking of copying the first level of doom to be the first level of this game. Then I'm going to make the main menu and other UI elements like the map.

The music is from the 21 Days of VGM challenge I did back in April.


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