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Arrival on Mars

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When I saw this Challenge pop up, I had no choice but to pick up my dev tools and participate.
I have fond memories of booting up my fathers 486 pc, feeling the warm static of the CRT as it came to life, and hearing a little pop as speakers for the soundblaster16 card turn on. When the DOS prompt settled on the screen it was time to launch the shareware version of Doom!

This was such a powerful and emotive game for myself when I was a child, I wanted to dive into that world again and bring it to life once more for myself.

For my entry into this GameDev Challenge I will be programming the game in C++, from scratch using a ray-casting approach.  I want to try and stick loosely to some of the constraints of the period to make things more of a challenge for myself.  320x240 resolution, software rendering, adlib music, etc.

At this I have spent around two weeks working a few hours each evening on the project when I can.

Currently the features I have implemented are:

- Raycasting engine with variable floor and ceiling heights
- Lightmapping for all surfaces
- Sliding collisions on all geometry
- Depth sorted/tested sprite rendering
- Perspective correct texture mapping for floors and ceiling
- Texture mip-mapping
- Depth fog/darkening

As place-holder artwork I am using some of the original doom textures and sprites, however they will soon be removed and replaced with handmade artwork in line with the competition rules.

Next tasks are:
- An entity system for all active objects
- Potential fields path finding for enemy AI
- Line of sight test for enemies

Will update soon...


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