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The "Learn Pixi.js" book. TypeScript Port



This is an official link to original book examples in JavaScript: https://github.com/kittykatattack/learningPixi

I rewrite the examples to TypeScript and Pixi.js v5.

I will public examples on:

  • Playground. You will be able to see a code and a result. I use complication to  AMD modules (Asynchronous Module Definition) and the RequireJS library to load AMD modules
  • GitHub Pages. I use compilation to CommonJS modules. I bundle JS files to bundle.min.js using Browserify and minify it to bundle.min.js using UglifyJS
  • Source code on GitHub: will be later

I will NOT use Webpack, Gulp, Grunt and so on. I will public the instruction on GitHub how to build examples locally in the README.md file.

Note. Release version is loaded more quickly, but on playground you can see a code, you can make a fork, change the code and save it with a new link.

  1. Hello World: playground, release
  2. Displaying the canvas: playground, release
  3. Sprite From Image: playground


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