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GameDev - Doom Challenge - Part 1



As per usual I'm coming in to the challenge later than I expected! I'm extremely busy with many other projects but I'm putting in some time to get this done! :)

Yesterday I did a sketch, block-out, model and texture of the main gun for the game. This mesh is also game ready. :) 

Basic Sketch






Texture (Rendered out)


Real-time rendering






The game itself will consist of a main level for now and if I have time I will add more. The basic idea for the map:


There will be the following items:

- Armor Suit

- Health Packs

- Laser Gun Charges (variety of ammo types)


The enemies will be a mix of robots and cyborgs. This is still in the "to do" part and since I've just spent a day only and I have a ton of work to do, but throughout my off time I have planned a lot in my head already. You will also be trying to escape the planet Mars through the teleporter in the final boss room.

I'm also considering have different glows for the energy cells on the laser pistol to do different damage types and different enemies will require you to use the right ammo type to kill them.

In part 2 I will showcase the level prototype once I have the textures made. :) I have a few assets to make as well and will show them off in part 2 most likely as well.


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Like the gun and the level design doodle! Looking forward to seeing it! :D 

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20 hours ago, lawnjelly said:

Like the gun and the level design doodle! Looking forward to seeing it! :D 

Thanks! I'm very strapped for time so I'm rushing through the assets as fast as time allows me to. :D I'm almost done the level environment textures and hopefully will have another blog post soon. Once that is done I just need to add in the game play element.

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