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Modeling the FAF-X01



Been working on some modeling and concept for the Fusion Atmospheric Fighter. It has been kind of slow going as I decided to use Blendre 2.8, and as great as Blender is and could be, it is EXTREMELY unintuitive....to the point I would almost wonder if the developers have ever used a computer before as the program veers far away from traditional UI shortcuts etc. and behaviors for 3D modeling that I am accustomd too. That a side, after a long hard struggle, I am getting to like it. Esspecially since it's free. I have a few time lapse videos posted of the modeling and creation process. For some reason, even though I do have drawing talent, I don't seem to do concept drawings first. I work straight in 3D and conceptualize there and this is the process you are watching.I am posting 3 videos below in order of creation (from what I can remember). By modeling the missiles and launcher system I was able to use the sizing needed to help me understand the needs of the airframe, and when I got to a point, I then needed to model the landing gear so I could decide how it would all fit in. I still have some details to work out, as for now I have more missiles than what would be storable with the landing gear and in final may try to design a method of keeping the missile quantity with landing gear, although I would prefer to keep the jet the size as it is instead of making it longer or bigger (I plan on having a second versn which will be a fighter/attacker version with dual engines). Some might be thinking I am putting way too much thought into soething that may not seem necessary for a shmup, but to me it's my art style. It HAS to be beleivable and "functional". Esspecially since I would like a super detailed real-tim rendering for when you are choosing weapons and loadout etc. for your ship, and to possibly have a walkthroughable hangar where you can walk around the ships and see them up close and personal. I also hope to build this into a franchise or even larger game where these elements of detail would become important. Anyways, many people don't realize the actual creation process and only see the end results so though some might be interested in seeing my work flow. It is a lo of time (like around 20+ hours for the posted video below) so to make it watchable it is sped up considerably. I tried to slow down parts of interest.

The last video will be thebest to look at if you only watch one video...

Modeling the missiles and missile launcher. The missile launcher is based on the system used on the F-22 Raptor which "ejects" the missiles from the internal bay. As you you will see in the vid, I found it to be quite larger actual scale, so based on the idea more advanced materials would be available in the future, I slimmed it down to accomodate the size of the Fusion Fighter (FAF-X01 for Fusion Atmospheric Fighter - Experimental version 01). I needed a way to remove and or shrink the fins of the missiles to be able to tightly fit into the internal bay. So based on the concept of materials which take different forms when an electric current is applied, the fins on the missile will expand when launched allowing them to be smaller for internal storage, and to remove the need more mechanical parts, maneuvering is done with thrustvectoring on the missiles. The size of the missile is based on the actual size of an AIM-120 missile, which in game would be a powerful missile for larger targets and I think I will design smaller (half-size) missile for smaller weaker targets and to accomodate twice as many missiles and same number of launchers (2 missiles per launcher).

The first round of concept design. I originally started modeling this the one method I knew how and after working out an initial idea, I got to the point I discovered sub-d modeling and decided to start over using sub-d with what I had discovered design-wise so far on the concept to start the second round of the concept design. The design problem was based on creating a Fighter Jet that could handle supersonic and subsonic speeds which means it would need different engine systems (Turbofan, RAMjet and SCRAMjet) and based on how they function it seemed one engine could do all three if it could change "modes". So I designed to air intakes, one for the turbofan and subsonic speeds and the other to feed air directly to the combustion chamber of the engine by passing the compression chamber to feed air to the engine for RAM/SCRAM function for supersonic speeds. The fuselage will be composed of futuristic composite materials which will allow airframe "morphing" such as warping the wing shape etc. This would allow the jet to close the Turbofan intake or internally redirectthat airflow to the combustion chamber for RAM/SCRAM and cover up the turbofan for protection from highspeed airflow. I would like to show animations of this happening in-game so some details still need to be worrked out. Again, this is concept stage and the first round. I orginally though I would need 3 intakes (which is what you will see me designing at first, but then from some researc it seemed I could go straight frm turbofan to SCRAMjet functionality and would only need 2 intakes (Concept 2).

Modeling the Landing Gear

The 2nd Concept design. Based on using to air intakes the concepts discussed from the first round. I got to a point where I could use it in-game for testing so stopped working on it. I am currently not stisfied with the landing gear placment and the bulkiness of the lower body. I may ty to make it slimmer and the landing gear more in-ine wth fuselage, or may utilize the forced bulkiness to add smaller forward bays for smaller missiles (who dosent want more missiles??)



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