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Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 100 — September 29, 2019

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  • the presentation shows the new WIP hair rendering system
  • a realtime system that is based on hair stands instead of cards
  • strands are rasterized into shadow and deep opacity maps
  • for performance reasons, a visibility buffer is written, and a sample deduplication pass is applied
  • shading is done in a screen space pass
  • shows how the different shading components have been implemented

  • the article presents guided filtering as an alternative to a bilateral filter
  • explains the bilateral filter logic and compares against guided filtering
  • showing what the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches are

  • the new PIX CPU timeline view shows when a thread context switch happened and to where
  • optimized shader access tracking, significant speedup when opening the pipeline view

  • overview of denoising techniques in raytracing applications
  • covering sampling and signal processing techniques
  • additionally covers blurring kernels and spatial reprojection techniques


Senior or Lead Graphics Programmer

(Helsinki, Finland)

Ubisoft RedLynx is a multiplatform game development studio located in Helsinki. Along with the hugely popular Trials series, we have developed and published more than 100 games and we are a passionate team of over 140 people of 21 different nationalities. We are seeking an experienced Graphics Programmer to join our core technology team in creating impactful game experiences

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  • performance comparison of a ray tracer application using native OpenGL against WebGL (Chrome, Firefox)
  • The GPU performance is comparable on the D3D backend, even better at times

  • Unity tutorial showing how to set up a custom render pipeline
  • covering how to set up the project
  • cull, filter, and sort objects
  • add support for multiple cameras

  • overview video for the new DirectX Raytracing sample, showing a Raytraced Ambient Occlusion implementation

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

  • provides an overview of the ocean rendering system
  • the system is based around hierarchical, fully dynamic ocean data sources
  • shows how to model waves, integrate shading and realistic flow patterns

Thanks to Spencer Sherk for support of this series.

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