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Digging into the data! What we can tell about the Closed Beta of Causa: part 1.part 1.

Maureen Berho Montalvo


Hey all! 👋

We’re back after a brief hiatus on our Dev Blog with some interesting data about the results and feedback we collected during the Closed Beta of our in-development CCG Causa, Voices of the Dusk. 

Before beginning, we’d like to thank our +6.100 subscribers, as well as the most active participants of our community, who have gathered on our Official Discord Channel to support the Cause. You inspire us every day to keep working to achieve our dreams! 💟

Without further ado, we’re glad to share some of the most informative data we were able to retrieve during the Closed Beta. 

Just for context, the Closed Beta of Causa for Steam lasted for a period of approximately 2 months, covering the months of June and July of 2019. During this period, over 900 users activated their exclusive keys, and around 300 played matches in Causa. 

In general, the matches in Causa summed a grand total of 453 hours of play, and the user who played the most surpassed 24 hours of gameplay, with a total of 160 matches. A HUGE shout out to our dear player and streamer Igua for this amazing achievement.


 During the whole period, a total of 2.934 matches were played, of which 58% were victories, and a 42% were defeats - including both matches against other players and agains the IA. Considering that a large amount of players focused on playing against the IA during this period, this fact gives us a rough idea of the balance of the game’s difficulty.

Furthermore, we were able to estimate that 23% of the players in the Closed Beta played 10 or more matches, while 5 were very enthusiastic and played over 100 matches. We just love you!

We were also able to retrieve information about the duration of the matches in Causa.  Regarding this, we observed that the longest match lasted for 84 minutes. We suspect that someone took the game too seriously, or just fell asleep over the keyboard, as we were also able to verify that the average duration of a match was 14 minutes. The longest victory was achieved in 13 turns, taking about 19 minutes. 

Alongside all this data, it was very exciting to discover which was the prefered Leader in Causa during the Closed Beta. In the first place, with a 37% of the preferences, we found  Matriara, General of Elyr. She’s not only a great character, but also represents the initial Glory / Aggro strategy in the game, which is very convenient for the players that are just getting acquainted to Causa. On the second position the Spirit strategy stands out with Nilset, Shadow Initiate, who was the favorite Leader for 26% of players. 


Finally, we’d like to congratulate our dear player Húsar, who achieved the largest amount of victories during the Closed Beta phase. You surprised us with 96 victories in a total of 130 casual matches!

What do you think about all this data? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions on our social channels, and also make sure to join us for a chat on our Discord Server. Make sure to stay tuned and sign up to be part of the upcoming demos!

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