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Devlog #2- Getting the Ball Rolling!



Devlog #2- Getting the Ball Rolling!

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Weekly Updates Week 2:Concepts of Creatures within Kinfallen Forest

Here is a showcase of two enemies you will encounter in the Kinfallen Forest, including a brief description and concept art created by our talented artists: 



This small creature resembles the plant-life of Kinfallen Forest, and scurries along the forest floor, attacking any nearby threat by shooting seedpods or attempting a pitiful attack. When cornered, it will usually either burrow itself underground or flee.


Tresswing: (Before and after)



This aerial creature only has two wings and a beaked face, and flies amongst the canopy of the forest. When spotting an unsuspecting wanderer, it will swoop down to peck at any unlucky traveler’s head. 

Weekly Member Spotlight:

Beginning every week, there will be a small Q&A segment, wherein we ask a member of Tumultuous Productions some questions to learn more about our talented team! 

For this week, we asked our Lead Composer for all Yami sounds and music, Sassykeys, a few questions to provide an insight into his creative process.

Q: What originally inspired/brought you into pursuing and learning music?

A: “As early as I can remember there was a piano in my  house. I used to enjoy sitting down and smashing some keys - even if the notes didn't make sense I still enjoyed it. So I think a natural interest at an early age really helped.

Q: What led you to want to create music for a video game?

A: “I had been doing session jobs for a while, but felt something was missing. My main time spent on piano has always been composition. I don't actually know that many songs on piano, but I've always enjoyed coming up with original material. This stems from discovering new chords and combinations on the piano since an early age and developing that theoretical knowledge through trial and error. Anyway, it's helped me as a session musician, but with so much material I've recorded and haven't released, I figured doing some music for video games would be a really nice outlet. I also really like video games.

Q: What is your creative process? How do you get the ‘musical juices’ flowing?

A: “Play piano. I've found this to be incredibly important in helping me come up with ideas, especially since I'm spending a lot more hours sitting at a computer than I'm used to. Whenever I have “writers block” it's normally because I haven't jammed for a few hours on the keys like I normally do.

Q:What is a random fact about you?

A: Yumface is my favourite emoji and it's more or less the only one I use.

Q: How does making music for a game differ from making it for a general audience?

A: It doesn't differ all too much asides from maybe you prioritise the music fitting in with the game over how somebody might perceive it if they were listening just for leisure. In saying that the video game is hopefully being made for a general audience too, so their enjoyment of the music is still very important to me.


~Look for our post Next week where we provide more information on the Scavenger and Uprooter enemies and the release of our new website~


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