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Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 102 — October 13, 2019

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  • a mathematical framework for more consistent layering of bump/normal maps using linear surface gradients
  • shows the problems with reliance on vertex level tangent space in existing techniques
  • how to express existing methods in the new framework
  • including source code

  • high-level system discussion of a retro GPU emulation implemented in Vulak compute shaders
  • implementation details are discussed in the presentation
  • using Subgroup and async compute for further optimizations

  • new RenderDoc version allows explicit GPU playback selection
  • improved SPIR-V reflection, performance improvements
  • more extensions and feature levels supported for Vulkan and D3D12

  • proposal of approach for rendering layered materials
  • layers are defined by anisotropic NDFs on varying tangent vector fields

  • the post describes the perspective from Stardock on D3D12/Vulkan vs. D3D11
  • new possibilities but also many more problems
  • performance improvements with D3D12 need to be balanced against the higher QA costs compared to D3D11

  • proposes a real-time solution to rendering unstructured point clouds
  • combination of temporal reprojection, random point selection, and GPU vertex buffer shuffling

  • provides an overview of the foundations of denoising techniques
  • expands pon the basics to explain how more complex schemes are constructed
  • how to consider denoising as a building block for several different problems

Thanks to Graham Wihlidal for support of this series.

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