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DOOM: Placeholders

Vilem Otte


Currently, the only "playable" level is still full of placeholders - I'm still hoping for having the game finished on 18th, but we will see. In worst case - there might be some place holders left (while the game would still be playable).

In the meanwhile I have added:

  • Full physics (based on Bullet), not just character controllers, but even rigid bodies are technically supported (I'm still not sure whether I will do anything with them)
  • Ability to control behavior of entities (doors, elevators and such are possible - but I don't think I will have enough time to make art for those, so we might be limited here)
  • Improved the speed of dynamic BVH building by about factor of 10+ (by simply going through my code and removing dumb things)
  • Get rid of most of the limitations (like total texture size was originally limited to just 8192x8192 texels, technically this is much higher now)
  • Finished some sort of player movement I'm kind of satisfied with

I'm realistic, the competition ends in about 2 days (and as most of us - I still have to be at work during those). I personally will be glad if I manage to make the scope I wanted for proof of concept demo - that includes:

  • Simple menu (New Game/Exit)
  • Single level
  • Single type of enemy
  • Single weapon
  • Player can die in the game and player can win the game
  • Some sort of Doom-ish UI
  • Some advanced ray tracing effect or two

I know this isn't much (and is most likely barely covering the scope for the challenge). In the meanwhile - behold - the placeholders (and no that 0.44 GRay/s is not joking - I'm currently limited by performance of actually displaying the buffer, not ray tracing nor BVH updates at all)!


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