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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #042 - SitRep 02



Hello and welcome to this weeks Dev Diary!

For the last two weeks, I have been spending time further examining the effects of re-scaling the heightmaps and searching for the optimal size I should aim at first. Since there is no further findings to go into detail for, I can only announce that for my purposes, the 40k heighmap for the 4km2 -area is more than enough, giving an accuracy of 10cm between data-points (or vertices, when talking about 3D models).

I also found out, how long it takes to upscale pictures to 400k size with my current PC specs and that was frustrating to say the least, with over 2 hours waiting time. Conclusion; aiming for 1cm map accuracy was frankly an overkill, to say the least.

One problem still remains, as to how can I combine the land areas effectively in the game engine, without having to join them together manually, one by one? That is one thing, that I'm trying to find out for this week. Here is a filler image from 2 weeks ago, a 5k x 5k portion from the 40k heightmap, with a 100:10:1 subdivide.


Thank you for tuning in, and I'll see you on the next one!

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    • By joetext
      Hey all, I'm at my wits end with this weird memory leak. My issue is with the small preview-render view that comes up on the Windows 10 taskbar when you hover over your application. I don't know the name of it, but it's the little thumbnail view that pops up when you have your mouse hovered over a minimized application. When I do this with my dx11 program, memory absolutely rockets up, I'm talking like going from 1 gb to 4 gb in a few seconds. I managed to find a single line that I can comment out and "fix" the leak, but it's not making any sense to me. The graphics portions of my program are somewhat fragmented between different abstraction layers so bear with me.
      // the code that actually handles the render calls // map buffers and copy data from cpu buffers m_context->copyDataToBuffer((void*)verts.data(), sizeof(Vertex) * verts.size(), m_vertexBuffer); m_context->copyDataToBuffer((void*)indicies.data(), sizeof(uint) * indicies.size(), m_indexBuffer); m_context->copyDataToBuffer((void*)uniforms.data(), sizeof(HuiUniforms) * uniforms.size(), m_uniformBuffer); // render ISamplerState* sampler = shaderSys->getSamplerState(); m_context->setVertexBuffer(m_vertexBuffer); // this is the line that is causing the leak m_context->setIndexBuffer(m_indexBuffer); m_context->setUniformBuffer(m_uniformBuffer, ShaderType::Vert); m_context->setUniformBuffer(m_uniformBuffer, ShaderType::Frag); m_context->setTopology(PrimativeTopology::TriangleList); m_context->setSamplerState(sampler); Texture2D** textureArr = &diffuseTexture; m_context->setTextures(textureArr, 1); m_context->drawIndexed(indicies.size()); m_vertexBuffer is an abstraction for a ID3D11Buffer. Here's the code for that setVertextBuffer call
      void D3DRenderContext::setVertexBuffer(IBuffer* buffer) { D3DBuffer* d3dBuffer = static_cast<D3DBuffer*>(buffer); ID3D11Buffer** d3dBufferResource = d3dBuffer->getBuffer(); UINT stride = sizeof(Vertex); // Vertex is a simple struct UINT offset = 0; m_context->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, d3dBufferResource, &stride, &offset); } And for completeness sake here's the copy buffer function
      void D3DRenderContext::copyDataToBuffer(void* data, int dataSize, IBuffer* toBuffer) { D3DBuffer* d3dBuffer = static_cast<D3DBuffer*>(toBuffer); ID3D11Buffer** d3dBufferResource = d3dBuffer->getBuffer(); HRESULT result; D3D11_MAPPED_SUBRESOURCE resource; result = m_context->Map(*d3dBufferResource, NULL, D3D11_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, NULL, &resource); memcpy(resource.pData, data, dataSize); m_context->Unmap(*d3dBufferResource, NULL); } A few things.. I removed like 15 ASSERTS to make the code shorter, so any pointer that could potentially be null, and the dx results are all checked in the actual code. Second, I have the dx debug output enabled and it has nothing to say. Third, I've tried flushing the context after every call to drawIndexed, to no avail.

      This leak is just beyond bizarre to me, granted I have no clue how the underpinnings of that preview window work. In the meantime, I'm going to figure out how to tell windows to disable it, but I'd still like to know why this is happening. Any suggestions appreciated!
    • By Talvysh
      What I Want to Build
      A solid ARPG in the realm of Diablo/Path of Exile.  A gritty, gorey world with hope and beauty peppered throughout.
      I already have a world that I've been designing in my head for the game, but I haven't thought about any of the systems yet.
      The world is, idk, magicpunk?  Basically steampunk, but with magic fueling everything instead.  There is a lot of content we can do with the world, but the timeframe for this game would be during the Crimson Plague - Demons, Necromancers, Ghouls, etc.  To summarize necromancers were playing around with the creation of a new curse or parasite to spread the Ghoul disease.  It turned out pretty affective.  There are some people who are immune to the curse, while others have to use, say, magical barriers to block the disease from spreading.
      What I Can Offer
      Game design, writing, pixel art, digital art, and programming: C#/Unity, Godot, GameMaker, Kotlin & Java (Haven't used much of LibGDX though), Python, and full-stack web.
      My main focus is writing and game design.  I've always loved creating intricate worlds, getting the player immersed, and fiddling with game systems.
      I have some background with management, and took a class in college for human relations in business - If that counts for anything.  Ha ha.
      General Positions We Need
      Artists (2-3) Modeling (2-3) - *Only if we end up doing something 3D Programmer (1-2) Audio Engineer 1 Composer 1 We can go without a programmer since I have a decent background in it.  We can knock 1 off of artists if we're doing something 2D, but I'd still prefer someone that is dedicated to it.
      Stretch Goals
      Turning our little band of gamers into a serious team.  Get a name for ourselves, start selling/publishing games, etc.  If anything we can network with each other and hopefully become friends!
    • By RoKabium Games
      If you need to go back and re-read a message from Antalasia or Drengo that has been stated during game play, there is a "Messages" tab in the GUI menu where you can find a log of then.
    • By Data7 Games
      Project Name:Rift One
      Role Required:
      - Sci-Fi Weapons & Tech Modeller

      My Role: Project Lead
      Previous Projects: N/A
      Team Size: 8
      Project Length: n/a

      Compensation: Rev-share

      - Able To Hard Surface Model
      - Advanced 3D Modelling
      - Friendly and chilled

      Project Description: An Sci-Fi FPS based in a alien world, where you, mark maxin are forced to enter a portal that transports you to another world.

      Contact: please email us at data7games@gmail.com
    • By RoKabium Games
      For this Screenshot Saturday our Alien has found a button that unlocks a nearby puzzle room. Locked doors you find can lead to secret areas, puzzle rooms and open up shortcuts between sections of the mines so make sure to open them all by finding the corresponding button somewhere nearby.
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