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Project: NubDevice

The Story Begins...





Progress Image(191031 Working on door handling makes me remember UDK. 


Today I push my project to be a little more visible. 


[dev.azure : NubDevice] project development board



Over time, I've glued together more than a handful of starter frameworks. This time I've changed it up a bit and tried for a bit of consistency from the start so new objects feel natural to use. This is working well for shaders, textures, input and the display. I'm actually happy with it as a start. 

High-lights that may be interesting:

  • start of custom gui (inspired by fpl::flatui)
  • updated stack based state management (menu[n]/play/pause) push in pop out (or maybe old school, first in, last out)
  • .dae loader (geometry and skinning info) (todo: keyframe)
  • currently broken TBN path :) 

Hope to finally do some interesting shader work this time around and feel better prepared for the next game challenge. :D 



I'm a fan of openAL. That parallel to openGL way is a good thing in my book. Start the device, fill a buffer, attach to a source. Bounce a listener around. It's good. As my interface, that's all I need. A buffer load and a source to play.  Fairly clean solution for home brew.  Since I don't see a need for the buffer because we don't alter it, I'm thinking of making that init a one liner, except form maybe a reload need. Play from id is great. 

   buffer_click = sound.add("buttonClick");
   source_click = sound.attach(buffer_click);

// and anywhere
   alSourcePlay(source_click); // sure why not :)

   The main character := reveal. :P nope...still not telling. I'll let you know when I do. heavy current inspiration is an first person arm mesh on the table. Still dreaming up what could go with it proper third person. Choices are fun. 


Recommended Comments

I really want to do this :) bad. lol. (boat load of great art over here now. Few decent modular packages ready for tweaking) enough character icons to put front and center...just 'gotta make that code sing. 

I know...should use a upper tier engine...it's just not the same kind of puzzle. 

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Ah, sweet... A ping from one of the ogl planet render dudes. NubDevice needs you :D hehe...badly...lol 

@Green_Baron Some time in the future, it would be cool to dig into your work. (planet rendering is ace) I'm still trying to logic out the transitions from outside into a dense object population, or perhaps better said, the illusions that fit the bill. Lot of magic passing trough the stratosphere. 

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Oh, thanks 🙂

Not yet so far, not yet so far. I had hoped that by the end of the year i had the planet renderer working. But besides procrastinating with other things, not all of them computer related, I am actually overthinking everything right now, from the LOD algorithm onwards, for several reasons, one of them my being a leight weight at math.

But of course, i'd be honoured if, when i one day have something to show off, that could be braught to a use. Would be nice, but right now it is much too early to think about it.

Thanks again, somehow this was the right thing for my motivation.

I like your models, the creative touch 🙂

Edited by Green_Baron

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In the spirit of actually trying to do something, I've been poking [ dev.azure:NubDevice ] a little. Feels decent for the organization/project management tool. 

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