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Dark Soul or Let it Die on Android and iOS mobile platform



An epic Soul-Like Game: Dark Prison: PVP Action RPG

Most people don’t think there are any games other than clickers or auto-play games on mobile. They would be wrong. It can be hard to find them, but there are actual skill-based games available. There aren’t many devs out there who would be brave enough to make a Souls-like on mobile, but fortunately for those of us who zone onto Souls-like games like Artorias’s hitbox zones into us, there is a studio that has done just that. It takes a certain type of crazy to invite comparisons to games like Let It Die or Dark Souls, but Latersoft took that challenge and has come out the other side with a respectable, stamina management, whiff punishing action game for your phone.


Dark Prison is a third-person action RPG that is available for both Apple and Android devices. It’s a highly addictive Souls-like and has great reviews. The premise is pretty straightforward. You are the parent of a precocious little girl. A deadly virus has decimated the population and it just so happens that your kid has an immunity. Obviously, she needs to get kidnapped. A dangerous mercenary group called “The Apostles” have snatched her. As the parent of the year nominee that you are, you head to rescue your child from these mercenaries. There are also other survivors that you can rescue for more resources to use in your quest to save your child. Fight through the hordes of intelligent enemies, zombies, and massive boss monsters. If you are worried that you won’t be able to dodge roll around the bad guys and mess them up, the game is compatible with Xbox and PS4 controllers.


The graphics are top-notch, even for a mobile, and they take advantage of their art style by giving you in-depth character creation. There’s also a giant loot pool for you to enjoy, much like Let It Die. Take your fashion Souls to the next level on your phone. Design your ultimate Souls-like original character, and load them up with epic gear. Take on the bosses in your fly clothes. Engage in PvP and flex on your enemies with your fly threads.


There is a thing that all Souls-like games need, and if you don’t nail it, your Souls-like card gets revoked. Dark Prison has its card laminated and safely stored in their filing cabinet. The AI is going to give you no quarter, so be ready to bring your A-game. The bosses aren’t going to play around with you either, so get ready to “get gud” or be prepared to be turned into a red smear in the boss arena. If you don’t feel the PVE you can also drop into PVP sessions to see if you have what it takes to battle a human opponent.

 If you’re tired of match 3 games, tower defense games, base building games or mindless autoplay games, check out Dark Prison. It will keep you engaged with its skill-based gameplay. The story and dialogue are delightfully camp and will keep you coming back. There are tons of places in Dark Prison to explore, so grinding for good gear won’t become boring. No matter what device you rock, you’ll be able to pick up this title for free. Check it out on the Google Play Store, or the App Store. You won’t regret it.

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      First Problem:
      I'm quite not sure about what language or engine I should use. I know this question is mainly based on opinion, but based on what I plan to do, is there an engine to prefer and why, or should I build it from scratch and wich language should I use then? At the moment my best bet would be on unity or python. Any suggestions here?

      Second (and most significant) Problem:
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      Could someone explain to me the differences, the pro's and cons and help me match a monitor and card.
      When it comes to Nvidia cards, I'm unsure what brand to go for, MSI Trio is over £150 cheaper than the ASUS equivalent and Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC 3x 8G is almost £200 cheaper that the ASUS.
      My preference is 27" non-curved 1440p VA or IPS panel. I'm not interested in TN.
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      And after that it becomes red (where z becomes negative).
      From my understanding it should be all red (as the Z component should start to be negative from the cameras origin point.)
      (The encoding/decoding of RGB values was tested and shouldn't be the culprit.) Has anyone an idea/direction as to what the issue could be? (I think that maybe the conversion process for the inversion call might be the cause of this?. Or maybe the reconstruction in the shader is wrong?)
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