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#Frostbite Is Alive!



Just uploaded the final file for #Frostbite to Itch.io. I’m so excited about having this game finally done. Of course I’ve already got plans for a really cool winter event. It is after a very wintry survival/horror game. You can find it at https://gildedoctopusstudios.itch.io/frost-bite. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

The wind howls and snow falls.  While exploring the mountains around your village you see strange lights in the sky and when heading back you realize you are being followed.  Set at night in snow covered mountains Frost Bite is a chilly horror game where even the footing is treacherous. 

 It’s 3D, open world, and if you die, you die! It’s dark, cold, and windy. As you explore you realize that there are unexpected terrors hiding and there is something following you. If it catches you, you die. If you slip while running from it, you die. Frost Bite is a beautifully atmospheric game. 

It is the first publicly available game from Gilded Octopus Studios. You can find the development blog at www.gildedoctopusstudios.com. The game is being fully supported and will be getting updates and expansions. For help email gildedoctopus@gmail.com


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Congrats on a finished game, finishing one is never easy.

PS, checked out your itch page, the main character is very innocent looking for a horror game protagonist. The screenshots are not bad at all.

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