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I Have *How Many* Emails?!?

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Sunday, Otober 24th

*Whew* that was rough. I hadn't archived my emails in months, and I just paid for it dearly. It took me like 5 hours to sort and archive my emails. I had over 2,000 sent emails to go through, and even more received emails. Luckily I already sort my incoming mail, so that wasn't too much of a hassle. What I really need to do is start adding rules for my outgoing mail as well. Not only that, but I've tasked myself in Outlook so that I remember to archive my emails once a week. My archived mail totals 383011 KB. That's like 4 years worth of email right there. I wish it would give me the actual count of emails. I prob have like 8k - 10k [wow]

So yea, I didn't do much of anything else obviously. But I'm still glad it's done. It was something I had to do sooner or later, and the longer I waited the worse it would have become.

Today was a good day of shows. The last show was frikin cold as all hell tho. It must have been like 40 degrees. At points where I'm lying on the ground for a few seconds or minutes, my head was literally enveloped in this fog mist from the heat evaporating off my head! I could shoot clouds of my breath like 2 feet into the air. Forunately as soon as the show starts I'm too busy acting to even notice the cold. It's before and a few minutes after the show when my body has cooled down that are the worst. We have heaters backstage tho, so that helps a lot. I remember back in July, making fun of Batman, Robin and Catwoman cause they had such heavy costumes (compared to my under armour shirt and BDU pants) and were hot as hell. Well, the jokes on me now :P

Ah well... I'm going to finish out the day with the last two Stargate Atlantis episodes. My new keyboard comes in tomorrow (Finally!! Stupid Tiger Direct!) so I'll have to code a lot to break it in proper [smile]. Yes, good rationale, that.
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