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Lets get this started....

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Ok, ive been meaning to get this development journal here started for a while, and i figure while im waiting another 20 mins for a fresh copy of TGE to unzip would be a damn good time.

So first off, im going to treat this as a 'development journal' which means ill post about the progress of our currently untitled multiplayer survival horror project for full sail. We have been working on documentation, ideas, and getting a codebase together for about a month. Getting a head start is great, but it has been taxing. Last month we started Console development and had RT3D programming. Console is a two month course and RT3D is one. Both are fairly intense courses, RT3D moreso because of a huge lab the extends the enire course of the month.

So continuing with Full Sails lovely scheduling system courtesy of ZOTAS, RT3D was 9am-5pm and then console 5pm-1am alternating days, 5 days a week, with a four hour lab on sat. With all the work on final project and keeping up with the massive RT3D tank lab, i didnt show up for lecture much, which terribly hurt my written test grades.

On the upside, I got a hell of a lot of shit done for our final project. Ive got a pretty good handle on torque and tscript. Ive spent alot of time assimilating necessary resources and learning how tools work. The main resource I am trying to wrench in at the moment is for pathed interiors which is fairly crucial, and a huge chunk of coding id rather not write myself ;P So well see how that goes when this massive zip finishes extracting.

So what about this 'Multiplayer Online Survival Horror Game'?

Well it definatley has the potential to kick some serious ass. It s modelled alot like RE: Outbreak but weve got alot of cool features of our own design in there as well. It scenario based gameplay with a global set of generic characters. The idea is that you can drop these characters into any scenario and the players will have to work together to trigger a win condition. There is a finite set of win conditions and the players will have to find the specific condition for a given scenario. Hopefully that all made sense ;P

Some example player types are security guard, schoolgirl, child, priest. Zombies, ghosts, and other variations are in the pipe for enemies. My fav is the zombie dog with the 'kid seeker' variation :)

In the coming weeks well see how much of this potential gets filled as our team enters Asset production and then final project. Stay tuned for details, and wish us luck!

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Yey new journal! Lookin forward to hearing about your progress. They actually have classes that run until 1 in the morning?? I don't know whether to say that's awesome or insane :P

I beat Mushu [razz]

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Thanks for the welcome :)

Yeah, believe it or not there are classes scheduled 24 hrs a day in 8 hr blocks. So you could have class from 9pm-5am, 1am-9am - luckiliy i havent had any classes scheduled for those ungodly hours ;) Rumour has it that animators have to bear them though...

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