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Do not lean on your pregnant wife

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However tempting it might be, please, do NOT lean on your pregnant wife.

You see, pregnant women have a lower gravity centre, making them an easy target for people who have lost their balance or are just tired of standing on their own feet.
So this guy is in the subway train this morning, which his wife carrying a 2/3 year old in a stroller and it's apparent that she's in last months of her pregnancy as well. And the guy is standing in the middle of train watching his pregnant wife, also standing, and holding the baby stroller. Suddenly the train is about to come to stop and the guy loses his balance, what does he do? He leans on his wife and holds her to supporthimself from falling. And the wife being too weak also loses her balance and they both fall down, on the stroller...

It's amazing how stupid people can be.
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