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Sorry, Princey

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I've played through the Warrior Within demo a couple more times - eventually figuring out how to beat the boss at the end - and I feel I may have been too harsh in my previous entry.

The camera system still sucks - more than the first game - and the S&M gear that the first boss wears is still stupid. And I still don't get why they futzed with the spikes.

But the rest of the game still looks pretty good. I've read it suggested that the generic rock music is just for the demo (which wouldn't be the first time) - given that pretty much the whole demo is combat-oriented, that's plausable. And I've seen comments from guys at Ubisoft saying that a gamepad really is the only way to play it... I don't like that, but now that I have an Xbox, I can play it there. I'll look out for the demo in OXM.

Most importantly, the movie at the end of the demo shows off a fair bit more acrobatics, which is what I buy the games for.

That said, it's still a problem that the demo managed to fuck things up so much vis a vis my impression of the game. Demos are supposed to communicate a vertical slice. This demo has not done that. *Beats Ubisoft marketing department with a stick.*
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