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Alright already

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I guess I need to type something here or something, eh? I mean, even SiCrane is making entries again. [lol] Guess I better get back in the saddle ...

I've been getting a little more productive lately. Most of the player animations are working well, though it's a bit more tedious working on this stuff than I thought it would be. But it's looking good in game. Most of the attacks are done or started. Once that's finished, I'll touch up Level 1 and try for another demo. I'll need to improve the tileset, and maybe model the foot soldiers (though I'm in no rush to do that after all the headache animating TMS. At least the model is well under way). I think part of my lack of motivation is that job I mentioned earlier at the university. Of course, that whole project is moving like mud right now, so I guess I won't count on it being ready during my lifetime.

I'm also making a picture or two for a friend's commercial Breakout game. Making art on the computer is hard. [razz] I never got the hang of my stylus, though I'm trying. I'm also working on a tileset for a freeware RPG a bunch of us are making. So I guess I won't actually be getting back to TMS animating for a few days.

I think I mentioned this already, but I started working out again. I've been getting good results, and after a thread or two of advice in the Lounge, hopefully results will improve from now on. I need a juicer too. Next payday.

I guess this is a rambling post. I don't totally remember what I did since last entry. [grin] I had a stretch of laziness; I won't deny that. But vacation's over; let's see if some work can't get done.

*zips back up to the top of the page*
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Wow KQ still lives? I haven't even heard of any progress for a long time.

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Josh Bolduc dropped the project (and game programming in general IIRC) and a few of us Allegroites picked it up. It's been slow progress, but it's picking up again, and Josh has rejoined us on the team. It will be done one day. One day ...

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