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My new job

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Just finished the second day of my new job as a Support Analyst for a commercial firm (as opposed to working in the education sector as I did previously). I feel a bit like a fish out of water as its an entirley different role. Even answering the phone... I don't really know our customers, our contracts with them, how I am expected to respond (site visits, through a VPN connection that we may or may not have set up with them etc)...

I crave the familiarality of my old job which I had grown to hate. I hope I settle here quickly.
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I can absolutely understand you. I've been working in game development for about 8 years and had to change company. I now work for a company that does speech recognition on PDAs. I have absolutely no clue about it but I have to go out to our customers and install stuff like server software (no clue either) and do some support stuff (phoning with customers, helping them with their problems, ...). The problem is that I consider myself as a quite good programmer but my social capabilities are quite bad since I'm quite shy with people I don't know.

And as you do I sometimes think back to the "good" old times ;)

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It's always great to contact someone who knows how you're feeling [smile] I wish you good luck with your job! I am feeling a little better about mine today and can see myself in the new role eventually.

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