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This is sad

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I just noticed that even though I haven't posted a journal entry in nearly two months, I still have one of the journals with the most views. This tells me one of two things: either I'm insanely popular, or not enough people are reading journal entries now that the novelty has worn off. I'm inclined to believe that latter more than the former.

Anyways, tommorrow I leave for a convention in Virginia, so I'll probably be out of touch for a few days. But maybe I'll come back with a new pen drive or two. :) Well, probably not, since it's not that kind of convention.

In any case, I'll probably be spending any free time I have there putting together the design for my next project. I'm somewhat demoralized by the loss of the most recent versions of dodecahellspawn and the personal code library, so I need something new to cleanse my palette until I'll feel up to working on them again. Unless, of course, I find the drive the repositories were on.

Basically, my next project is a personal wiki-like note taking system like wikidPad or Note Studio. The difference here is that I want a more Tablet PC friendly interface than either of those provide, and probably a system with better support for putting source code on each page; which is probably going to mean a larger departure from the traditional minimalisitc Wiki style markup syntax. Basically, I'm going for something of a cross between NoteStudio and Microsoft OneNote. I'm thinking C# for the implementation language right now.

Once that get's done, I think I'll have all the tools I want for one of the major projects I've kept on the back burner: the infodump.

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Maybe people were just wondering where you vanished to, and this seemed like a likely place for answers. [smile]

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