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GTA: San Andreas!

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Tuesday, October 26th

I wish I had a PS2 [sad]. Today I was over at a friend's house after working out at the gym playing GTA: San Andreas. The game looks sooo awesome (of course). Riding around on a bike is way cool, popping the wheelies and stoppies, taking mad tight turns. I also love how you can swim in this game - finally!! I pulled up a screen of the entire map and this game is easily like 2-3 times the size of Vice City. Plus the locales are just cooler and more varied. In the areas I was able to access, there was everything from slums to business districts, trailer parks and rolling countryside in the mountains to docks and wharfs with entertainment peirs. Crazy. You can also eat in this game (in fact I think you have to), and change your character's wardrobe. There are also a ton of skills that your character can accrue, like stamina, biking, strength, etc. Very cool. I'm going to be near death from anxiety by the time this comes out for PC - and it won't help that most all of my friends have PS2's and will be nagging me about it. Ah well.

So that was it for today. Work, workout, play San Andres, come home and check email/web boards/journals, post entry and go to bed.

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