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Okay, I'm now lvl 11. And I'm still the "beginner" class, even though you're expected to have selected a new job and advanced. Well, apparently I need to level up again because my strength stat still isn't high enough to become a warrior-class.

And I don't even know if that's what I want to become!

In Maplestory, there are 4 classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Archer. Mages are cool, but they need to be female to look good (and besides, my intelligence rating is crap). Archer is boring, arrows suxxor. So its down to thief and warrior.

I need about 5 more points to become a warrior (1 lvlup) and about 10 for a thief (2 lvlup). I don't know which one I should become!! [crying] I'll probably end up being a warrior because I just can't stand having all those non-passive abilities to choose from; I kind of just like to run around hacknslash style without anything special... so I'll probably go with warrior...

I need more people in my party because Pouya (and other unknown GDNET people) aren't on long enough >_<
I guess it pays NOT to have a job! [lol]
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If you're online about 10 PM (EST) tonight, I'll play with you.

I'll add you when I started playing tonight

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