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Source Control, wheeee!

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Wednesday, October 27th

So I downloaded and installed the client and server of Ionforge's Evolution, since I'm going to be taking them up on their offer. It was a painless install and the setup was easy too. I was a little put off when the client kept crashing when I scrolled my mouse wheel while over a certain frame in a certain window, but it seems to be an isolated incident. I set up my project tree with all my files in a few minutes, they have a nice interface. I've created a Development branch for right now - once I get Katana working again (doing some overhaul here and there) I'll create a Release branch so I'll always have a buildable code base, while modifying the Development branch. I'll prob also create an OGL branch I can use to work on OGL implimentation. So cool. I'm going to set it up for the rest of the team tomorrow.

So other than that, I did some coding - still overhauling my render code to make it faster. I worked all day and then had to drive with a friend out to PA so he could drop off his bike to the guy he sold it to. Then I had to drive him back. No problem tho, since he rode up with me to pick up my bike when I got it, and he also paid for dinner and gas. So alls fair.
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Hard to miss now that we've spotlighted it [smile]

But don't feel bad, I hardly check the news myself. The only reason I heard about it is cause I have to compiler the news every week for the newsletter. Plus I got the memo, being on staff and all. Heh. I get memos... [rolleyes]

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