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The first of many, i'm sure.

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I finally decided to stop being cheap and support ye olde Gamedev. I've been taking a free ride since 2000, so I figure I could at least donate some money back for all the bandwidth i've wasted. $39.99 isn't too bad.

Another reason I decided to get a subscription is just for this here developer journal. I've tried several methods to try and motivate myself to finish projects, but I always get distracted and lose focus half way through or so. Hopefully using this as a sort of progress report will give me the motivation I need to finish something. The motivating factor of course is that I actually paid to use this [lol].

So here, i'll let you in on the project i'm working on now. An Othello/Reversi clone. I was wandering around through old posts a couple of weeks ago and happened upon this old one by TANSTAAFL. I figured it was as good of a place to start as any.

I fired up trusty old MSVC++ and started coding away. I started with my usual vigor, but it soon weakened. But alas, I had an idea. I decided to challenge a friend into a friendly coding contest, so I showed him the thread and suggested that we see who can do the best Reversi clone. Competition is a great motivator.

Well, soon even he had gotten sidetracked and the contest was all but off. I let a week slide by without even touching the code and then got into another one of my cycles, a yearning to go back and work on it and hopefully complete it. As of now i've made more progress by myself than I had ever made previously. I think that my ideas were too ambitious (as is probably the case with most people). This time I decided to aim a bit lower and try to actually accomplish something.

Hopefully i'll be able to stick this out and finish ;).
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Nicely done! I hardly post on the journals, but oh well. It's all about the thought though, you know what I'm saying?

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