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2nd time is the charm...

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I started programming C about 8 years ago then gradually moved up to C++. At the time I was learning it, it was for game stuff which at the moment is still a hobby.
But My day job dictates the programming language that is king of my life during the day. At that time it was VB5 and then VB6, God knows how much I hated it but it was a living. With that being said it was easy for me to do both VB at work and C++ at home. Oh How I longed to do some C++ stuff at work.
As the years passed and technologies changed/advanced we later on adopted Java and J2EE technologies. That's when the problem started...I had to drop C++ because even though Java and C++ (look) simalar, their far from it.
The plus of learning JAVA and learning it well to the point im certified in it was that my OOP knowledge sky rocketed. I begin to wonder how crazy people were to even attempt OOP in C++, thus reconigizing I had been brain washed by SUN that C++ was evil.
Anyway, I was recently transfered to a development team that develops and maintain CRM based software which under the covers utilizes 'eScript' and guess what...C++.
Oh how kind has the Lord been to me I ask :), all these years of waiting to use my first love. And that children is the match that re-lit the candle for game programming at this juncture in my life.

Fast forward to right now, and Im now finding my self saying "ah", "hmmm, How did I miss that?", "I didnt know that?", "What was I thinking?", "Thats pretty awesome"...as I reteach my self C++, I tell you its been an eye opener.
I remember when I first joined here back in 2000 I used to hear people say, "It will take years before your really good at C++ or even learn it very well". I used to think they were nuts, but you know what, they were right.
C++ is such a huge language and there are so many parts to it, unless you use them and/or code ALL DAY, it will take some years. To my advantage, programming professionally for about 8 years now I have learned many things programming wise and created many a applications. And as I now go back through C++ with new eyes, I have even a greater appreaciation for this language.

Even as elegant as JAVA is, C++ will always be king in my life...and the quest to become an advanced user of C++ burns like a flame sorry.

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