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I'll start today off by saying Lindsay Lohan doesn't need to be singing, she needs to go straight to Playboy, make just the same money, and accomplish just as much. Apparently, she's trying her hand at a singing career now. Seems like the "in" thing to do. Become known as a child actress and head on over to sing. I flipped on MTV this morning in the hopes that, though not likely, they decide to play something good. Boy was I wrong. First thing I see is Lindsay Lohan's video called "Rumors".

Honestly, I think the thing could've been done completely with no sound and be just as entertaining. In other words, there's a lot of flesh jiggling going on. I'm open to any bets on when she'll make her debut in a skin magazine. I'm not saying the video itself was bad, I of course like some flesh jiggling, especially from Lindsay Lohan. After sitting through the video, I was rewarded by an awesome Korn video called "Word up." Man, that thing was awesome, they got their faces put on to dogs bodies, I laughed my ass off. Enough of MTV, back to more important topics...

A couple of months ago I had an idea that I wanted to do some sort of robotics project, and that project turned out to be a robotic simulation of a human hand. I've just been thinking a lot about it lately, how i'm going to make actual hand movements, etc.

Previously I thought about a solenoid, but the ones that I found seemed to have too little extension, and thus not giving the fingers the range of motion that I wanted. I then thought about (with a suggestion from my dad) a pneumatic piston, but this idea, though it would be more flexible than a solenoid, did not seem like a great idea to me. I didn't like the thought of having to refill an air tank just to play with the thing when it ran out of air, and everytime that I think of anything pneumatic, I always think of the PSSSSSHT noise that accompanies them.

Yesterday I was looking through the new Jameco catalog, and I saw something that seems to have been made just for what I want. Muscle Wires are shape memory alloys that actually contract when a current is passed through them and heats it up. Not only that, but it can pull weights down that weigh a lot more than the wires do. Another benefit to these muscle wires would be their compact size. Fitting 5 solenoids in the volume of my arm didn't sound very good, so this would be perfect.

My idea for this robotic project later on is to take a mold of my arm and create a realistic looking shell that all of this stuff can go into, so theoretically, i'll have a moving replica of my hand up to about my forearm. That's the plan anyway. I want to order some muscle wire and play with it to see if it'll work like I want. If so, time for a bigger order [smile].

Unfortunately I didn't work anymore on Reversi yesterday. So today i'm thinking i'll at least implement sound and write a function to see if you're making a valid move. I'm sure i'll update more later on.
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