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More progress from me.

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This journal seems to actually be helping my productivity. For some reason I feel compelled to write here everything that I do/accomplish, etc. and because of that I seem to do more. This is kind of why I decided to buy the GDNet+ subscription anyway, so i'd say it's money well spent.

I wrote a sound class today that just wrapped up some FMOD stuff. Now, if you don't know, there's not much to using FMOD in the first place, but I decided that I needed to be even lazier and now all I have to do to use sounds is initialize and play, plus I don't particularly like all the FMOD_... prefixes, so this fixes it and since I did the naming, the names are very intuitive to me. I guess it was just a convenience.

Sound effect1;

And that's all I have to do for sound now [smile]. Since it uses FMOD you can use the above code to load and play MP3s, as well as several other types. It's flexible.

Well, that's my progress report for now.
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