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Freebies and. . .freebies

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First freebie is the Microsoft Partner Pack. It's a mixed bag of toys which appear more than anything to be an incentive to update your XP to the latest stuff. In any case, it's worth it for the free games, which are pretty fun.

It also includes Computer Associates' eTrust virus-scanner and a year of free virus updates, which is nice if you don't yet have a virus tool.

The USB Flash Drive Manager seems pretty pointless, though. I do have three of those little freebie key-drives, but do I really need a utility to keep track of 'em?

Another freebie I've got for a volunteer. I got a book-for-review in the mail, but I think I'm so far out of the target audience that I can't objectively review it. If you're a newbie programmer and you promise to review it, I'll send it to you.

And I will be holding you to writing the review. And I want a good review. None of that "This book roolz!!!" crapola that I see on Amazon. I want something literate.

Anyway, if you're a newbie programmer in the US who wants a free book in exchange for a review, leave me a comment. I'll pick a winner for the most impassioned plea for the book.
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What is the book about? Is at the level for someone with knowledge in c++ and the stl who has some experiance with opengl? If so I will gladly read and review it for you.

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It's more of a book for people with a little experience in programming who want to write a game.

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