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I Met a Power Ranger!!!

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Friday, October 29th

So tonight my dojo, BKG, had its 31st Annual Banquet. It's a gala affair, and we get people from all over the country, since we have a dojo in Texas, and two in Cali. Anyways, one of the people in attendance was none other than Jason David Frank, who plays Tommy Oliver - the green, white and black Power Ranger (among others). Turns out he's involved with BKG over in California. I watched the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers when I was a kid, and so getting to meet one of them is extremely cool. J's a great guy, really peppy, full of energy. I read somewhere that he was a known prankster on the Power Rangers set. I can beleive it. He's got those shifty eyes that never stop moving around and you can just tell he hates sitting still. Anyways he got promoted tonight to 6th Dan, the rank of Kyoshi, so congrats to him! He was signing photos, so I got one of course. He also gave me his contact info, so hopefully that'll bring me in some stunt jobs in the future, since he's still well-connected with the stunt industry out west.

So besides that high note of the day, I didn't do much else besides drive my family to the airport for their trip to London. So I have the house all to myself now [evil] muahahah!! [evil]. Wish I had had time to test out Katana. Oh well, I should be able to get on that tomorrow night after work.

[sad] only two more days of Great Adventure!!
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