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Well, I did the picture for the Breakout game (which I've been playing and it's cool) and I have plans for a few others which I think are pretty interesting and creative. And I did the work for the tilemap for KQ. It was rough making good looking walls and floors from scratch, but I did it. Now I need to make lots of pretty coral/rocks/seaweed, since it's an underwatter passage. It will look pretty. Which is good, because you'll be there a while. It's kind of an endurance run; a long level with a lot of fighting to the end. Nice to see this project continuing.

I juust finished that today, so I'm going back to TMS animating tomorrow.

In other news, there's rumblings at work. It's employee evaluation time, and one worker who's been there 7 years (I've been there 9) wrote a letter to the boss complaining about the way employees get treated, and focusing on morale in general. Like some areas of the plant getting incentives for how much work they get done, but most don't. Or just management attitude in general. I read the letter; it was quite professional and honest, not very nice but not rude either. It rocked some boats. Doug Buhler was apparently not in a great mood after that letter, nor was he after the meeting he had with my buddy (Rob) later on. Rob also mentioned a lot of people in the paint shop think their supervisor is an asshole (whether he is or not I don't know, but I hear the same) and this got back to said supervisor, who put the gears to Rob trying to figure out who said that. Like Rob's going to say. [rolleyes]

Next week, Rob is writing another, much more pointed letter, which may make its way to the Canadian Labour Board. He expects he'll lose his job, but he's discussed the matter with his wife and he's ready for that. He asked me if I'd sign the letter and I said sure (I'll read it first). He hasn't shown the first letter to anyone who has disagreed with it yet, but few people are willing to go on record. I think I can discuss matters around here constructively, so hopefully I won't get in too much trouble. But I've got 9 years of experience working with these people, so needless to say I've got dirt on pretty much everyone. Wonder what the Dougster will say about some of what I have to tell him. [smile]

Oh well. Interesting times.

PS: The new Toby Mac album "Welcome to Diverse City" rules.
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Sorry to hear about the work situation Chris. I know from experience that work politics suck.. :(

Oh, and thanks for the breakout board! ;)

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Where's your post about politics? You Un-American JERK!

Oh wait...you're, uh...Canadian, right? Or was that somebody else...?

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