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I come bearing gifts

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Stephen R


Well first off, I'm going to brag about having put a finished game into the GDS for a bit. Well check it out, Maul Ball. Me and the artist, Dr. Default from now on, spent the last eight days working on this baby and I'm quite proud of it

Me and Dr. Default decided to use this game to see if we were actually up to making a game on a tight schedule. The reason we decided to do this over the last week over the demo is a slightly embarrasing one.

Well the demo has gone the way of the dinosaurs. After a week of not looking at it we came back with it fully intending to get it finished. We looked at what we'd done so far and realised that it was , well, rubbish. We tried to salvage the idea somehow but realized that it was unsalvigable. We then decided to ditch the first scene and just make the rest. Then, to make sure our next scenes didn't fail we tore our ideas for the rest of the demo apart. Upon inspection they too were hopelessly rubbish.

So in conclusion, I fell into the trap of most newbie developers and my project failed. Hugely embarresed, I set out to redeem myself and decided not to post untill I had. I think that Maul Ball makes up for the failure of the demo.

Anyway, I can see more games coming from our small developement team. Maul Ball was made using SDL, and about four other sdl libs. Its fairly unwieldy to give six dll with a game so I might dust off one of my old projects - a dx based 2d game engine. So that's what I'm going to work on for the next while. My next game will probably still use SDL but hopefully I'll be moving over to my engine in the not to distant future.
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