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Batman Pics

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Saturday, October 30th

So I got plenty of use out of my new camera today [smile]. Here are some pictures I took at work today, to let you guys all see what goes on (roughly, hee hee)

The entire cast (there today), hanging out at the trailer after our boss told us the last show was cancelled due to weather. We get paid anyways, so all good! Clockwise from left we have Christin (Catwoman), Kat (Catwoman - sitting on the floor), Jake (Batman), Eric (Smiley, AKA Henchman #2), Thane (our awesome boss), Drew (Robin), Korey (Robin). Charley (Joker) is sitting off to the left in the corner.

Korey giving Kat some Kung Fu lessons

I thought this cut was bigger. Just another day at the office... lol, the shadows cast by the flash makes me look like I have a huge afro [lol]

Segways are cool!

Robin (Drew) ducks under my crescent kick

WHAM! Batman (Jake) drops me with an elbow to the throat

Me falling off a building onto a crash pad (not shown). Catwoman whips me off.

Jake drew this [lol]. It's a take from the line "Game over, Joker" in the show

Our bulletin board in the trailer. Fan art and hot chicks. ooh yeah.

Jake gets in a good laugh at Charley after he finishes his makeup.

Well, that's all of that. I have more, but not enough time to post em all. As I mentioned earlier, we had our last show cancelled cause it was all foggy and misty and the set was slippery as hell. Plus the Batmobile canopy kept fogging up and the driver couldn't see. So I came home and worked on Katana some more. Uncovered and nailed a few bugs, started some profiling to make sure everythings running good. It is, almost. Still some tweaking to do.

[sad] Last day of shows tomorrow!!
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Awesome. Batman, martial arts, swords and hot chicks. Put a couple of Zombies in there and you'd have it all set.

Katana 1 and Katana 2... I guess they're not quite the same swords (that's my snake tank they're resing on)

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full tang? Mine are.

And maybe we can put Zombies in the show next year. hmmmmmm

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