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Trick Treat

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Stephen R


Didn't do much today because of holloween. Met up with a few friends and had a some fun - unfortunate that we had to cut it short because of school tomorrow.

I did spend a few minutes fixing a bug that Dr. Defulat found in Maul Ball though. When you alt-tabbed out of the game and came back in the graphics were all messed up - a combination of a shearing effect on the graphics and plain static. After going through my code it turned out that I was using software surfaces with double buffering, which apparently SDL doesn't like. I changed that around and it worked perfectly. Its odd that it worked normally otherwise. I really wish that if something like that isn't supported then the engine wouldn't let you do it. It would make debugging a hell of a lot easier.

I did make one decision as far as my 2d engine goes today though. Its going to be fully OO which means that the DLL will only ever be implicitly loaded. The effort of getting a OO system running with explicitly loaded DLLs really isn't worth the payoff. I have a general idea as to how I'm going to lay out the engine so I'll write up my design doc tomorrow and set myself a bit of a schedule for the coming week.
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