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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    Man, I really am addicted to Maple Story...

Maple Story:
Almost a level 15 Wizard (MagicalMushu). Put most my skill points into Bolt, so that it does an insane amount of damage. Only problem is that every 10 levels the MP costs increase, so now I need to add more into my MP regen+ because I can't seem to keep enough MP built up to kill stuff constantly! [razz]

Oh, and I've pretty much given up on my old profile (Mushu7) because the mage does so much more damage, and funnily enough, has more WPN DEF than my level 18 warrior. Huh.

Well, I'm probably fully healed (or dead) by now, So I should be getting back to the game. Play Maplestory.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Where is that #&%^@$ treasure map?

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I dunno. Let me check the website guide...

It's not in thereo it must not exist. Go kill something.

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