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A whole new Month

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int day = 0;
int jobSatisfaction = 100;
int boredom = 0;

while(day < (6 * 30))
jobSatisfaction *= 0.9999;
boredom += 0.00001;

It probably won't compile

Work is getting increasingly more frustrating.

I want:
a) more responsibility
b) better work
c) something intresting to do

Put it like this, without the tool I chose to develop off my own back, I'd be sat scratching my arse and packing my desk already.

In short, they'd better give me something better to do or else I walk. Suffice to say, I have nothing to walk to, but time's ticking and I'm already starting to look around. Seems like the 6 month itch is something I'll always have.

Bah, such a cheery day! Mondays... blah.

So I started evoWeb.NET - a port over to .NET of my existing web system. Suprisingly easy. I took the chance to add extra stuff I was too lazy to put into it before. I can put it in now because .NET so nifty.

Also, I've been coding with the new GameMonkey betas - there's no obvious errors but one's bound to creep in. I've been building GameMonkey into the Zombie thing; GM makes a nice initialisation language so I'm throwing my tilemap definitions into script. Zut alors!
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