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Nice day ?

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Well... I've spent some time with my family this week-end and I still have a spare day tomorrow so I can have some fun with them going to the circus.

Much to my surprise Christelle, my wife, was ok with not eating what she wanted to cook today and instead going to a not far away, "all you can eat" restaurant. They had great food there and we kept eating for ~2 1/2 hours non stop. I think that we will hold the dinner after my sons baptising there.

On a complete different topic I must admit that the last couple of weeks I'm quite nervous. If something doesn't work out as I expected or if someone doesn't act like he should, I quickly get angry. This week-end I remarked it when my daughter didn't clean up the mess she had done it our living room even when I told her ten times. So I shout, she starts to cry, I get a bad look of my wife and I feel bad... That's just so annoying.

Unfortunately I cannot quite figure out what makes me this nervous. I suspect that my vision of how my life should be is quite different from what my life actually is, and this is what makes my angry. Unfortunately again, I cannot change this situation without either upsetting my wife (and children) or losing them. So I stick to this "make your job and bring in money" stuff instead of "work hard to create your own company and achieve what you're dreaming of".
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I feel quite nervous too but I am putting it solely down to my new job! I think it is because I know in the back of my mind that if the bottom falls out of it and the job doesn't work out I will be in serious trouble!

If, like me, you feel you have been too snippy with people, just apologies. Remember that most problems are caused by a lack of communication [smile]

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