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CVS, You incorrigable cur!

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Two things happened today.

The first was that I learned a new word, automagically. I like it, so its probably going to appear quite frequently in my posts for the near future.

The second is that I installed CVS on my machine. I'd wanted to get to work today on my 2d engine but since I was working on CVS all day I haven't had a chance to. Installing CVS NT went very smoothly. I tried tortoise CVS but there were all kinds of errors that I couldn't have been bothered working out so I decided I may as well learn to use the command line functions like a real man. They were easy to learn. The horrible pain came when Windows wouldn't let myself or CVS delete a folder after I'd released it. I tried messing around with settings, restarting the machine, reinitializing the repository, everything. Finally I just restart my machine again, without doing anything different and, bam, it was working. I really hate it when programs do that to me [flame].

Anyway, I've decided to call the engine riot2d. Not a spectuacular name but its short and thats about all I really wanted.
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