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Entry #22.m.2

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This is really strange. I keep trying to enter a new entry, and everytime I check to see if there's any response, its not there anymore. Weird.

But then I can't remember what I wrote, but I remember noticing that the thing that I thought I'd written after thinking that I'd written it but not seeing it here was gone so I wrote a new one but I can't see that one either so now I'm writing this one!

Either I have some kind of fked up memory where I remember things that never happened (or think I do) or this is some vicious cycle of torture the forums are putting me through!!


EDIT: Yeah, I definitely wrote it because I remember writing "Lvl 16" magician.. I KNOW I WROTE SOMETHING WHILE I WAS A MAGICIAN!! and the last entry was right before I became a magician.

We'll know if this one gets deleted... I suspect someone has been deleting my entries... grr... [razz]
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