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The first thing that I did today was go vote. It was the first election i've voted for, first time i've been eligible to vote for president, though I think i've been eligible for a few local elections. Anyway, that's over with. It was cool if for no other reason than I got to play with a touchscreen for a few minutes [lol]. I love those things.

I've got to code up a homework for school between now and Friday. It's a stack example (using a linked list), so i've got to push and pop and all of that fun stuff to evaluate postfix expressions. The only real problem that I can see is how to get the integers so that they can be evaluated as numbers.

The format for an expression is as follows:

3 45 + .

Now, getting a single character isn't hard, so I push it onto the stack, but when it comes to more than 1 digit number, it pushes each individual digit separately. Then I handle the operator.

Maybe I need to test whether the incoming "character" is a number or an operator and read it as an int or char accordingly?
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