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Day == wierd already!

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I figure this topic deserves the dancing badgers. I was sitting here trying to get my stack program working like I had mentioned previously when the phone rang. Called ID says "Canton, Ohio" so I figure it's some voter crap, it being election day and all. "Please hold, you have a call!" said the machine on the other end. How nice of it to tell me this, eh? The phone DID ring after all.

I held, and some woman came on the phone and said "Because you listen to Kicks 99, you can win between $100 and $1000!" I was taken aback at first, but when I realized what she had said, all I said was "OK." The truth is, Kicks 99 is a country radio station, and as one of my previous entries points out, i'm rock all the way. But, who am I to correct them, especially if they want to give me money?

So I gave them my information and they are supposed to call out names 4 times a day, so i'm stuck listening to this for a while. I have 9 minutes to call if my name is called, and i'd be an idiot to pass up free money so easily, no? Ah well, that was my cool story for (probably the rest of my life). So don't expect this kind of thing to happen often [lol]!
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Wow... that publicity stunt to get you to listen to country music worked pretty well, didn't it? [lol]

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DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE! I still have hopes of winning teh monay! Eh, probably won't happen, but after this is over i'll have a good cleansing in some Black Sabbath, and the like [wink].

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