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Head banging

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As some of my readers might have figured out, I'm quite depressed because of the job I do and the way my life doesn't work out as expected. Hopefully, my long time plans work out... hopefully...

This week-end it hit my mind that it's easy for me to simply erase 8 years of my life and hard work with just some clicks and throwing away my backup CDs *and* no-one would be bothered but me. Sounds like career suicide to me.

On another topic : I've started to implement the demo game for the TBS engine. It basically will be the geometric forms at war against each other kind of game (abstract one). I've done some graphics for the underground and will start to implement the graphic level setup.

My laptop has some problems with my wireless network card so I wanted to install the new drivers. And that busted my network setup on that machine. I wasn't able to reconnect to the access point after installation. The card couldn't catch the SSID of the access point so reconnect was not possible. I had to reset the AP to factory default (which sets it into DHCP server mode/router mode) so the card could catch the SSID. After that I reconfigured it all back into AP mode. The connection now seems to be more stable.
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