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And in Other News...

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pan narrans


I got me myself an Xbox of mine very own. I would have bought it, but I happened upon an old lady carrying one; so I pushed her in a skip and ran away with it. No, really...

Tip of the Week - Health

Drinking tea continuously may damage your bladder.

Article - Should I use 0 or NULL?

NULL is more polite, but 0 smells sweeter. Choose wisely.

Zodiac - Gemini

Avoid people called Simon. Your lucky fish is: trout. Thursday will bring both luck and rain. On Saturday, a tall dark stranger will proposition you, while his mate nips through your back door and has it away with your telly.

Late Addition - Biting Social Commentary

This post was brought to you in a week when George Bush Junior was re-elected. I'll refrain from posting my personal opinion on the matter (gah! politics sux!), but realise this, people: if aliens visit, he's the guy they'll talk to first.

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