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You know, I really suck at coming up with cool code names for projects. So, I'm going to adopt my own style. All I can say is that a thesaurus is the best friend of a person like me. Well, to make a long story short (o.k., it's not really that long anyways, like you care...), I decided to use the thesaurus this time around. Since I will be making two engines for Managed World, the first one being a simple 2d engine, the next one being a 3d engine, I decided to do a trusty thesaurus lookup for "engine". So, I would like to present to the world the first two projects for Managed World, "Dynamo" and "Turbine". Yay!

Dynamo is making good progress. Dynamo is the revamped "Harvest" engine. I have thrown away a lot of the abstractions that were diluting the design simply to accommodate for being able to plug different technologies into the engine (like DirectX vs. OpenGL). Well, that crap is gone now. The designs definitely already seem much more pure and better and conveying the aspect of game engine design.

Now, I just need to go back and revamp the first couple articles up at Managed World to reflect the changes I have made. Perhaps at the same time I can crank out the next article. It's been way too long. Well, a lot of work ahead. I fear I must now get back to it :).
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