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The rambling never ends

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I have come to the conclusion that very little after-day-job work gets done around here. [smile] I am willing to accept the fact that I tend to be tired, and things like weight lifting (which has been quite rewarding) and ministry (I start working youth services as soon as they check my past for record of child abuse and stuff) and odd chores will keep interfering, and that's life. But I'm still trying to get work done. I gave the "heel slam" move a redesign; instead of making an air kick, he simply rears back, then returns to the falling animation if there's nothing to hit. He only kicks if there's something to kick. It looks much better from an animation standpoint now; before, the kick animation got interrupted by the jump animation (because a successful hit propelled you in the air) and it looked choppy and a bit weak. Now the kick is part of the jump, and it looks much smoother and more powerful. But I still need to get more done on this. I've been working on the player animation alone for way too long. It does look nice though, I must say. [cool]

That probably doesn't sound like much. Keep in mind the kick is a re-design; I've done 2 versions these last few days. I also got distracted Tuesday by the election, of course. Fun times. I probably know more about American politics than Canadian politics at this point.

Commence rambling.

My buddy hasn't handed in a second letter (or asked for my signature yet) but the previously unmentioned new foreman is a good guy. I don't get along well with my supervisor or the current foreman (few people do) but this guy is much more professional and competent. I hear that my supervisor doesn't like him much, but I think that's just the new guy is eating his lunch. He's implementing all these common sense innovations they really should have been doing ages ago (like moving people to different machines for more training; I've been bugging them for that for years) and making them look like the incompetent hacks that they are. It's pretty funny. [lol]

PS: The Incredibles comes out in theatres tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a review.

And now I'm off to blast my bi's and tri's.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Wow that's new to me, I didn't know you worked out. Keep up the work with TMS though, you are quite dedicated.

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Aw, man. Can't you people log in so I know who I'm talking to? [rolleyes]
*checks IP*
Washburn University. Okay; hi, Steve. [smile]

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