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A Cruel and Unjust World

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Thursday, November 4th

So I get up at 10am to be ready for my bike parts to come in. I get the call and rush over to the shop, pick up the parts and fly down to my buddies shop. We discover that I missed ordering a part - oh teh nos!!1 So I rush back up to the Kawi dealer and luckily (finally, some luck!) they have the part in stock. So I rush back down to my buddies shop, we fix the bike....

And it starts raining. Pouring.


So yea, it kinda SUCKED!! Peh, such is the like I have. Fortunately it's supposed to be clear tomorrow and the following week, so I can pick up the bike before work tomorrow afternoon. I normally wouldn't mind riding in the rain, especially after not having ridden for so long, but those wet leaves.... man you just don't mess with them. So I wait. Dammit.

Anyways, I noticed today that my laptop screen seems to have recovered somewhat, somehow. For those not in the know, check out this entry. Here's the updated pictar:

So as you can see, the right side cleared up a lot more. Pretty interesting. Still rather useless though [sad] Oh well, I'm still liking my new Samsung [smile]

Anyways, nothing exciting to report programming-wise. Just running through my existing code and tidying stuff up. We may have another programmer come on the team, so I want to make sure all my stuff is well-documented and clean so he can pick things up faster.

Too tired to work out tonight. I got more GDBucks bet on me tho so I guess I'm double-timing it tomorrow [smile] Seeing The Incredibles will help me feel strong enough tho! Can't wait, I'll definetly post my review here.
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